2019. október 17.
BellaCom anniversary, Izabella Sirghel, Richárd Hlivják

We have celebrated BellaCom's 5th anniversary with our clients and suppliers on ship A38 in Budapest.

After welcoming our guests, we talked with Izabella Sirghel (Client Service Director, co-founder) about circumstances of the companies foundation, results of the last 5 years and core values, that have not changed over the years (full service, senior collegues, client focus, strategic approach).

We highlighted, that the company has Opten "A" qualification (leading business intelligence provider in Hungary) since 2016, that is reached only by 2% of hungarian enterprises. We are proud of our Google Partner status and on our "Family Friendly Workplace" award.

The speech was followed by dinner and stand-up comedy. Zenith of the evening was a Caramel concert, we were suprised, that he is not only a great singer, but also very talented in stand-up genre. Program was closed with birthday cake.

2018. február 5.

The brand belonging to the Eurotrade Pharma has started intensive communication on dietary supplements and vitamin markets. the campaigns' goal is to increased awareness and sales of Magnesium + B6 and Omega 3-6-9 products. Commercials run on R-Time and Atmedia channels....

2018. január 8.

In advertisements, we are accustomed to the fact that advertisers simplify the product they want to sell and show their impact as if they were to provide instant solutions for everyone and at all times. This practice was particularly...